Dutch lawyer from Amsterdam murdered: A sad day.

Yesterday, a Dutch lawyer from Amsterdam and counsellor of a crown witness in a case involving several murders in the Dutch organized crime/mafia, was murdered in front of his home.
It was a sad day for democracy, fair trial and the rule of law.

The poor man became a martyr for his profession, without choosing so.

Inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi raji3un wa la hawla wa la quwatta illa billah il3Ali il3Athim. Tru tru, wi ben kon fu Masra Gado, wi sa kon baka na En. A no de makti sondru Masra Gado. To God we belong, to God we will return, and there is neither power nor change without God, the Lofty, the Exalted. Van God komen we, naar Hem keren we terug en er is geen kracht noch verandering, behalve door Hem.

May God have mercy on his soul and forgive his sins and may He rest his soul, grant his wife & children the strength and patience to overcome this terrible loss, and punish the perpetrators in his world and the next.


Sekhmet’s Tits by Mona Eltahawy – a mistake in an Oum Kalthoum reference

Recently, the secular Muslim feminist Mona Eltahawy, writer of two books and many articles and essays, has written a poem.

There is a lot I agree with her on, and just as much I disagree with her on, which shouldn’t be a shock because……..Muslim women are not a monolith, and feminist Muslims are not, as well.

However, this post will not be about that. In her poem, she references a lyric by the Egyptian diva of Arabic song, Umm Kulthum: “Om Kalthoum told the sun to come back in a year و نقول للشمس تعالي تعالي بعد سنة” which she claims was a part of Oum Kalthoums Enta Omri. (“*** From “Enta Omri” by Om Kalthoum”)

However, this is a mistake. “و نقول للشمس تعالي تعالي بعد سنة” (“Come, oh (sun) come after a year”) is a part of “Alf Lela wa Lela” (Thousand and one nights”)

ونقول للشمس تعالي بعد سنة
مش قبل سنة” (

“”And let’s say to the sun, come, oh come, after a year, not before a year

As a great lover of Umm Kulthums music (which I have in common with Mona) stuff like this interests me and fascinates me.

Monas poem:https://monaeltahawy.tumblr.com/post/38523535991/sekhmets-tits-by-mona-eltahawy

The lyrics to Umm Kulthums “Alf lela wa lela”/A Thousand and one Nights:http://kalimat-aghania.blogspot.com/2013/06/blog-post_17.html

The lyrics to Umm Kulthums Enta Omri: http://www.kalimataghani.com/%D8%A7%D9%84%D9%85%D8%B7%D8%B1%D8%A8%D9%8A%D9%86/51/%D8%A3%D9%85-%D9%83%D9%84%D8%AB%D9%88%D9%85/%D8%A3%D9%86%D8%AA-%D8%B9%D9%85%D8%B1%D9%8A.html


My reflection on Laury Silvers’ The Lover recently got published on AltMuslimah, along with three other worthwile reflections of fellow Muslim women.

My reflection:

One of the interesting aspects of The Lover is how blackness is one of the central themes in this book and how it is portrayed. Writing blackness is no small feat for a non-black writer, and the fact that a book about medieval Islam centers black people and dares to take on race without painting a rosy picture, or only portraying black people as pitiful enslaved persons waiting for an Arab, Persian or white saviour, makes it unique in and of itself. The main character has a Nubian mother and a, presumably, non-black Arab father. Her mother is only known as Al-`Ashiqa al-Sawda, the Black Lover, a woman of great beauty and spiritual depth, who is totally taken by her love for God. Zaytuna, her daughter, tries to follow in her mother’s footsteps, but goes through the motions without the ecstatic love her mother experienced. Her mother’s spirituality could not save her from rape, Zaytuna’s scrupulousness could not save her from colorism, and her twin-brother, Tein, from racism. Black people have a long, complex and intense relationship with Islam. The first hijra went to Ethiopia, and the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, had many black Companions and family members. Black Muslims were, and are, scholars, warriors, saints, kings, Sufis, writers, poets and  musicians. God-willing, The Lover will become one of the starting points in exploring this heritage and legacy, and will help giving black Muslims back our rightful place: At the very heart of our religion.

Four Muslim women on Laury Silvers’ The Lover: A Sufi Mystery

Malik Yoba, Black Youtube and transphobia.

Since Malik Yoba came out as trans attracted there has been, sadly enough, a lot of transphobia going on at Black YouTube. Here is some of my commentary:

The hatefull and transphobic reactions in the comment section clearly prove that a lot of black cis women DO have a problem with black trans women. You are just as hatefull against trans women as colorists and racists are against dark skinned black women (cis or not). Btw, I am a DS cis black Muslim woman. This is so sad and NOT ok.

When it comes to trans rights and trans issues, the reactions in the comment section over here are so toxic. Where is the kindness, the compassion, the justice, the solidarity? Smh. Ofcourse DS black cis women don’t have to run around caping for everyone while getting nothing in return. Solidarity should be reciprocated. But there is a difference between not caping for everyone and being just downright nasty. But not to worry, I will exit myself from the convo on trans issues at this page as a form of self care.

On LGBQTIA-issues and trans men & women: I also see a lot of transphobia in the comment section here. L stands for “lesbian”, G stands for “gay”, B stands for “bisexual”, T stands for “transgender” (transsexual is an obsolete term now) ,Q stands for “queer”, I for “intersex”, A stands for “asexual”. People who are “intersex” are people who are born with male and female sexual organs. They used to be called “hermaphrodites”. People who are asexual are people who do not have sexual needs/a sex drive.

Laury Silvers’ The Lover: A review.

Recently, I read Islamicist academic Laury Silvers’ debute novel called The Lover. It’s a murder mystery set in 10th Century Baghdad.

Unlike many historical novels set in the Middle Ages/Classical Period, it does not focus on the high and mighty, but rather on the working classes.

During the course of the book, the reader meets the enslaved, washerwomen, child domestic workers, corpsewashers and the “fuqara’ “, “the poor” – Muslim mystics who choose a life of ascetism and worldly poverty and spiritual wealth.

One of the most striking things about this book is that it shows both sides of life – beauty and pain.

Something else that is worth noting is that although the book is clearly written with great love for Islam, Sufism, Muslims and their histories, it does not for one moment romaticize the past & that it realistically paints the hardships of the poor, enslaved, working classes and soldiers.

Another interesting aspect is that it shows Islam -and Muslims, for that matter-  in all their diversity: Arabs from Baghdad, tribal Arabs, Nubians, Chinese, Persians, Turkmens, Shiites, Sufis, Hanbalis and others make their appearances – never as tokens or tropes, but as real, flesh-and-blood beings with all their passions and resentments, rights and wrongs.

And last but not least, our heroine Zaytuna. She is a Nubian washer woman, daughter to a famous local mystical woman who is named “The Black Lover’. Scrupulous and pious, she yet struggles to find joy and beauty in life and religion. At the end of the book, she is changed – and so will the reader.

A terrific read for anyone who is interested in Sufism, Islam, Iraq, the Middle Ages, murder mysteries, or just likes a good story.

Over/on Leaving Neverland – Nederlands/Dutch

Het is bizar en beangstigend om te zien hoe mensen iedere ratio en moraal de deur uitgooien als het gaat om een beroemdheid.

Mijns inziens -en dat heeft de advocate van een van de slachtoffers ook ooit gezegd- luidt de essentiële vraag als volgt: Welke rationele verklaring is er voor het feit dat een volwassen man dagelijks in bed slaapt met minderjarige jongetjes?

Als je ervan uitgaat dat hij onschuldig is, is er geen verklaring. Maar als je ervan uitgaat dat het waar is, vallen de puzzelstukjes op hun plaats.

Maar zelfs al zou er geen sprake geweest zijn van misbruik, dan is het nog niet normaal dat een volwassen man in bed slaapt met kinderen EN dat ouders dat toestaan.

Ik vind het walgelijk dat mensen bereid zijn misbruikslachtoffers voor de bus te gooien alleen maar omdat de dader rijk, beroemd en machtig is en ZIJ plezier beleven aan zijn muziek/shows/whatever en allerlei emoties op hem projecteren.

Het feit dat iemand beroemd is, wik nog niet zeggen dat het een goed mens is, en het feit dat je iemand op tv hebt gezien wil nog niet zeggen dat je hem kent.

En dan nog even over de onzin dat het uit racisme zou voorkomen: In de hele #MeToo-storm was het merendeel van de mannen die ontmaskerd waren wit, zoals b.v. Weinstein, die nu terecht staat. Mannen als R.Kelly zouden white supremacy dankbaar moeten zijn, want als hij ipv. arme zwarte meisjes rijke witte meisjes had misbruikt, was hij allang in de gevangenis geweest!

Sommige mensen kunnen en willen een zwarte man altijd en alleen als slachtoffer zien, ook al is hij rijk, beroemd, machtig en totaal verkeerd bezig, zoals Michael Jackson!

En dan nog iets. Het feit dat deze mannen pas nu gesproken hebben, is niet meer dan normaal en juist een belangrijke aanwijzing van de waarheid van hun claims.

Voor mensen die lijden aan trauma’s en PTSS is het alleen al DENKEN aan de ervaring(en) die dat hebben getriggerd (In hun geval het misbruik) al bedreigend. Mensen kunnen herbelevingen en nachtmerries krijgen, depressies, hyperventileren, suïcidaal worden, etc.

Bovendien spelen gevoelens van schaamte, angst en, helaas, loyaliteit aan de misbruiker een grote rol.

En denk aan de backlash & bagger die zij krijgen – zou dat een aanmoediging zijn om te spreken? Natuurlijk niet!

De bottom line is: Geloof slachtoffers, zeker als er zoveel circumstantial en ander bewijs is, #MuteRKelly #MuteMichaelJackson.

En moge Allah swt alle verkrachters en kindermisbruikers straffen in deze wereld en de volgende.

Famous victims’ rights attorney Gloria Allred asks the same question I did.

Interestingly enough, a famous victims’ rights attorney Gloria Allred asked the very same question I did, the question that lies at the heart of the Leaving Neverland – case.

I wrote: “Why would a grown man want to surround himself with underage boys, sleep in one bed and/or bedroom with them, constantly meets them/is around them without anybody around, if not to abuse or molest them?”

And she asked, in part 2. of the docu: “Why is Michael Jackson, an adult, repeatedly sleeping in the same bed with a young boy?”

The source of that question by her: https://afropunk.com/2019/03/michael-jackson-leaving-neverland/?fbclid=IwAR1e2NLG8fma_yWRexGNsAQIgV53FEnWQ1xwwyzRnsVFvIG-iKWcKelLPtI

The aforemented article by Kierna Mayo is fabulous in and of itself, btw.


On Leaving Neverland

On Leaving Neverland: I have the utmost respect for the courage of those men to speak out. Many powerfull men abuse that power & get away with it for way too long (Weinstein, Kelly, Cosby, Jackson, Ramadan) and now finally, at least Weinstein & Kelly are in court & Cosby is in jail.
So, even though I am sickened & shocked by the disgusting, graphic details of Jacksons abusing ways, I am not surprised. A grown man, sleeping in one bed with boys? Even if he didn’t molest them, that in and of itself was creepy, disgusting and WRONG. Period.

IMO, even if he didn’t abuse and/or molest them, this behaviour is abnormal, unacceptable and rejectable. I watched part of the documentary, the special by Oprah Winfrey, a review by Kim from For Harriet and an interview with the survivors by Gayle King.

The central question remains: Why would a grown man want to surround himself with underage boys, sleep in one bed and/or bedroom with them, constantly meets them/is around them without anybody around, if not to abuse or molest them?

If one assumes he is innocent, there is no rational explanation for this behaviour. However, if one assumes he is guilty, it all adds up.

It sickens me that people are willing to throw children & women in front of the bus just because the men that abuse(d)/rape(d) them are rich, famous, talented and powerfull – as though the lives of these women & children count for nothing.
It’s so selfish – They like their music/books/shows/whatever and are emotionally invested in it, so it doesn’t matter what happens to these women/children.
An inconventient truth: Jackson got away with his crimes because the world looked away & found his power, wealth & talent more important than these boys’ lives, safety & bodily autonomy.
We should believe ALL victims, men, women, children, black, non-black – especially if there is such overwhelming evidence like with Jackson, Kelly and Cosby. I also believe that Kelly got away with his crimes so long, because the victims were poor/working class black girls. Jackson got away with it so long because of his wealth and star status.
Oh, and anyone who supports/defends/capes for Michael Jackson, Harvey Weinstein, Bill Cosby, R. Kelly, Donald Trump, Tariq Ramadan or any other sexual predator will be cancelled&unfollowed by me.

The bottom line: #MuteRKelly #MuteMichaelJackson and mute, cancel, unfollow and unfund all predators and their defenders.