Trans-atlantic slavery and the Shoah, similarities and differences

I am now reading parts of what happened in Auschwitz, and read that sometimes, prisoners were flogged as punishment. Anyone who doesn’t see the link between slavery and concentration camps after hearing this, is wilfully blind.
No, I know that my enslaved ancestors weren’t brought to the Americas to be murdered, unlike the jews and Roma in the nazi death camps.
But the jews and Roma were enslaved, too, and many enslaved West-Africans died because of the horrible circumstances.
An average Brazilian enslaved West-African male died ad 23. To put this into perspective: The average Neanderthal man died ad 28. (!)
One of the resistance fighters of WO 2, who was in Neuengamme with Anton de Kom, once said that he only started to understand what the trans-Atlantic slavery meant and a bit of what it was like to be a slave, after he had been enslaved in that Nazi Camp.
God preserve us, and may He punish the aforemented criminals (slave owners, Nazis) -or their souls- everywhere.

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How music gives joy & life.

These days, I’ve been listening to a lot of gospel music. It’s a joy to hearts and eyes, and gives hope. I’m a huge music fan, and love classical and folk music from North-, West- and East-Africa, Southern Europe, Turkey, South-America and the Caribbean, Italian opera, Indian and Pakistani qawwali and African-American music from the U.S.

My favorite is “How I got over”, as interpreted by Mahalia Jackson.

Here, she sings it at the march on Washington:

And here, she does an amazing job at a conventional concert:


Oh, and p.s.: No haram trolling allowed.