Muslim marriage?

I would say that a Muslim woman OR Muslim man can marry a monotheist from any religion.
Some Hanafi scholars permitted marriages between Hindu women and Muslim men. Some scholars believe that marriages between Muslim men and non-Muslim women (so also ahl ul kitab) are makruh.
The Quran forbids both Muslim women and Muslim men to marry polytheists, but says that they can both marry monotheists.
But theory set aside, most Muslim women are expected to marry within their religious AND ethnic group. Men are let off the hook much more easily, and that’s an injustice we need to adress.

When your Muslimness is erased by…….white non-Muslims academics.

Don’t you just love it how white non-Muslim male academics, or white non-Muslims in general, erase us Islamic feminists, or converts (especially when black or POC) or any Muslim who doesn’t fit their Arabic-, Persian, Turkish, or Pakistani-centric template, as a Muslim

Disclaimer:  Ofcourse, there are excellent white male experts. Some of them taught me. But it is beyond arrogant from a white non-Muslim male to erase feminist, black, queer, convert etc. Muslim women as Muslims.