Ashifa Khan, Hindutva extremists and Islamophobia.

So, a young Muslim girlĀ  called Sahifa Khanwas abducted, raped & tortured for days and killed, by far right Hindutva extremists who terrorize & persecute Muslims. This happened in Kashmir (They committed this horrific crime in a temple, for crying out loud!)

And some woman in a Facebook group had the impunance to say the following: “This is very bad. I hope no innocent Hindus are hurt in retaliation.”
And this is how the discussion unfolded: “Rosalinda Wijks

Rosalinda Wijks Right, because that is the priority. An innocent Muslim girl is abducted, raped, tortured and killed by extremist Hindus. But ofcourse, those implicitly violent Muslims will ofcourse “retaliate” and kill “innocent Hindus”.
This is a region which is Hindu-majority and Muslims suffer from grave discrimination because of right wing Hindutva fascism.
But Hindus ofcourse always have to be victims, and Muslims have to be perpetrators.
You disgust me.
Elizabeth Slowinkin
Elizabeth Slowinkin I am saying that no innocent person, should be hurt. What happened to this child was awful. But some people may use what happened as an excuse to hurt innocent people.
Rosalinda Wijks
Rosalinda Wijks Elizabeth Slowinkin Get lost. Seriuously.
Rosalinda Wijks
Rosalinda Wijks An innocent Muslim girl was tortured, raped and killed by far-right Hindu extremist, in a temple (!) and your priority is a fictional, possible retaliation by Muslims against “innocent” (!) Hindus.
Because, you know, that girl wasn’t innocent.
And we Muslims are violent by default, and the violent Hindus who are responsible for this horrible act are fictional. Muslims are always violent, and Hindus are always innocent in your mind, even though in this case, in reality, the opposite is true.
And so black is white, and white is black. So again: Get lost with your not-so-implicit Islamophobia.”

In other words: God Almighty. A Muslim girl is tortured & murdered and even after this horror, Kashmiri Muslims aren’t free from implicit Islamophobia. Has the dehumanization of Muslims gone so far that someone would post some shit like this?