Towards Allahs Arafat – Hajj 2018.

Last week, the Islamic month of Dhu al Hijjah started, and with it, the Hajj. The Hajj, or pilgrimage to Mecca and Medinah, is the fifth pillar or obligation for every Muslim.

The culmination of the Hajj is the Wuquf, or standing in prayer at the Mountain of Arafat, which will happen tomorrow. The great diva of Arabic song, Umm Kulthum, who went on hajj several times, sings about Arafat in a beautiful manner. This song is still an inspiration. Enjoy! I certainly did&do. 🙂

Mahalia giving life &light…..and telling the truth again.

This is a song the great Mahalia Jackson, God rest her soul, sang at the March on Washington. “I have been buked and scorned”-“Ik ben verloochend en geminacht.”

Yes, that is the history of our West-African ancestors and their descendents in the Americas, the history of Trans-Atlantic slavery. And ofcourse also the history of the Trans-Saharan slavery, of Muslim and Arab slavery.

She asks God the rhetorical question what she has done wrong. Well, I can answer it. Being born in a black skin.

There is nothing more beautiful than a sincere, mystical love of God, and social & racial justice activism combined with religion and/or spirituality.

Preach, sister, preach! Takbir! La fawzan illa billah – No victory except through God.