Black Egyptian history

When a non-black Egyptian says some racist nonsense about Nubians, and I as a black non-Egyptian have to school him about his own history…….

I wrote this: “Yeah, and that is racist as hell. Non-black Egyptians are still racist as hell against black Egyptians, and black people in general. And this is coming from a black Muslim woman who speaks Egyptian-Arabic and has lived in Egypt.

Amr Ahmad Abd ElAzeem Nubians are black, many of them are Egyptians (some are Sudanese) and they already were in Egypt before the Arabs/Arab-speaking tribes conquered Egypt. The present non-Nubian Egyptian population descended from ancient Egyptians mixed with Arabs.

Nobody in Egypt speaks ancient Egyptian anymore. Some Nubians still speak Nubian languages, which already existed in ancient Egypt. The Coptic language, which is only used liturgically now, directly descended from the ancient Egyptian language. “