Arab racism – Exhibit C

In this terrible scene of a Ramadan soap, a non-black Egyptian woman in blackface plays an Afro-Arab Sudanese woman. It is suggested that black people stink, and the non-black Egyptian man calls her “abeed” – “slave”, which is a common racist slur used againsy black people in Egypt.

On “interracial” dating, racism, colorism & black & white men.

White men can ofcourse be racist and many of them are. But most of the white men I’ve known and know, are not colorist. They consider all black people, light skinned, brown or dark as black. This goes for racist white men AND anti-racist white men.

But yeah, it can be complicated. I’ve met white men who were clearly attracted to my dark skin, natural hair & overall demeanor, who found me exotic & special, but then turned around & low-key defended US-segregation from the 50s and 60s.

In my experience, it’s the blonde, whiter-than-white (culturally as well as physically) and sometimes intellectual guys who are attracted to me the most.

And yes, it is hard to find any man who is (almost) totally free of colorism and racism. They do exist, also among white men, but they are very few and far between. A man can also like or love YOU,but that doesn’t mean he likes black people in general.

But there are progressive, non-racist men around, or men who might have some prejudices but are willing to do the work & support you, whether they be European, Arab, Latino, etc. Do NOT settle for a man who considers you exotic but is racist.

Only settle for a man who loves & respects all of you – including your blackness.

And many, if not most, white, non-black Arabs, non-black Latinos and non-black Indo-Pakistanis are racist & colorist as hell, too.

But there are exceptions – reach out to them. The black men in my family are NOT colorist, and my white ex-boyfriend, and my (former) Surinamese, Moroccan & white close friends were/are not, too. Search, reach out to & date those men.

Exhibit B: Saudi racism against Ilhan Omar

So Ilhan Omar, the first Somali-American Muslim woman who was chosen in congress, made some critical remarks about/against the Saudi regime, and lo and behold – racist trolls got busy.

Amongst other things, she was called  “a slave” and “filth” and the following remark was made “Always by a whip when you buy a slave” (i.e. Ilhan Omar)