How Daniel Haqiqatjou finally showed his true colors.

Daniel Haqiqatjou, an Iranian-American ultra-conservative Muslim, has finally showd his true colours. Obsessed by feminism and feminists, he tweets more about feminism than feminists ourselves. But now, he really has sunken to an all-time low.

He basically defendes far-right white supremacists/neo-Nazis, only because they are just as sexist and homophobis as he is, revealing his true agenda.

He doesn’t care about racism, Islamophobia, let alone colorism & is happy to throw Muslims of all colour in front of the bus in favour of racist, sexist, Islamophobic extremists just because they hate women, feminists and LGBTQIA-folks as much as he does.

Again: With such “brothers”, we really don’t need enemies.Daniel Haqiqatjou