Afro-Saudi woman raps and gets racist backlash

So apparently, a Saudi woman of African descent rappd about & shouted out her home town Mecca and……all hell broke loose.
The song is called: “Girls of Mecca” and can be found here:

A racist hashtag claimed that the woman involved was not from Mecca and that her video was offensive to people from Mecca. Now, it is announced that she will be ARRESTED for investigation.

I got this information through the page of the interesting Saudi-Australian PhD student Ms. Safaa. (Who is also from Mecca, btw.)

One can assess her Twitter-page with the information here:

Ms. Saffaa also rightfully made the following comment: “Had it been an affluent, well connected, light skinned Saudi influencer who created the video it would have been used in MBS’s propaganda as a sign of progress and reform. Double standards & hypocrisy at its best.”

And she also said: “I am from Makkah & the only thing I find offensive is ur racism, misogyny, and ur war on a young woman & her artistic expression of her culture & her people.”

People also posted racist crap like this: “But she is really not from Makkah ..
She should be proud of her origin from Mama Africa like what the African American do ..”

And this: “Lol Makkah is where the house of Allah is. That whole area is sacred. Governed by shariah law It’s not meant for trashy songs and anything that is considered haram. It’s really not that hard to keep it out of ur lil “cute” songs.”

Luckily, Afro-Saudi people clapped back with these comments: “so because we’re black saudis we can’t take pride in where we grew up ? Being proud of our origins is one thing but she has every right to be proud of being from Makkah & of African decent. African Americans know their “origins” and also take pride in the cities they’re from.”

And this: “Prophet Mohammed (pbuh) didn’t stop people from playing music in mosques, people are encouraged to celebrate and create art if it will bring them closer to Allah and his message. You classifying this as trashy and haram is more about racism than religion :)”

Oh, and I call upon everyone to follow Ms. Saffaa and Afro-Saudis Afroscorpion and Reem: