Feminist Islamic Troublemakers of North-America/Fitna and Inclusive Azaan.

The fabuladies of Fitna have launched a campaign to center & celebrate the azaans of people who are & were marginalized in calling the azaan because of their gender. (As far as I can see, it’s mainly cis women)

This is the link to the page with the azaans: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC48zkiw6F6DzAcQ9Np6hBpA/videos

And this is Fitnas statement: FITNA is celebrating and centering diverse voices this Ramadan by sharing a daily recitation of the azaan/call to prayer. One of the ideas used to deny women opportunities to recite or speak in Muslim community platforms is the idea of “a woman’s voice is awra”. Awra usually refers to body parts that must be kept hidden in public for modesty. An inspiration for this project comes from a slogan used by women in the Sudanese revolution in 2019 which proclaimed “a woman’s voice is thawra”. Thawra means revolution. Our purpose with this project is to highlight voices that have been forcibly hidden through gender discrimination including the voices of cis-women, intersex, non-binary, gnc, genderfluid and trans folx. Welcome to the #InclusiveAzaan revolution. We will be posting an azaan every day. We have a rich collection of voices, full of variety and nuance – and we are still looking for more! If you would like to join us please get in touch – we particularly want to center women (cis and trans), non-binary, intersex, genderfluid, gnc, trans men and other trans folx – anyone barred from reciting previously due to gender discrimination. Join us and please do share the videos as widely as possible – we are posting on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter! “

Female Egyptian Quran reciter

This is an archive-recording of the Egyptian qari’a/recitress Shaykha Mabrukah. It is from 1905 and was posted on Twitter by the fabulous Madinah Javed. Inshallah you will enjoy it just as much as I did. Say bismillah and dive in!